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Spartan Chella May 31st 6pm-10pm. Be there for the end of the year fun!
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The Senior go-to spot for all your end of the year activity information!


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Parent Survey - School Climate

zacHEAR the MUSIC--

The SCHS choir students selected to participate in the 2019 Nevada All State Choir traveled to Las Vegas during Spring Break to work with clinician Dr Iris Levine, Dean of the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona. I have attached a picture of the SCHS students in the ‘Flashlight’ in front of Ham Concert Hall on the UNLV campus. The second picture is of the 19 students from all over the state that were selected for the All State Choir all four years of high school. SCHS had a 4 year member of the choir this year - 
skills usa
SPCK Champions at work!

The following students place in the top two in their competition.
Daphne May -- Silver medal Customer Service

John Cashell -- Silver medal Diesel Mechanics

Ethan Child and Jayce Esplin
Silver medal 3D Printing

Sam Bastasini -- Gold medal Power Equipment



Spring Creek FBLA just returned from state competition in Las Vegas with 35 participants from SCHS.  Our state competition had the highest numbers of students they have had in over five years!

State Placements:

Annual Business Report: 2nd 

Scrapbook (digital): 1st  (Vyanett Lara)

Largest State Chapter: 3rd

Chapter Sweepstakes: 5th

State Officer: Eastern Region Vice President:  Grace Pepiot

BAA Leader Level Recipient:

Sam Claridge

Online Test Results

Accounting I: 

Coleman Brooks: 7th 

 Noah Harris:  9th 

Accounting II: 

Sam Claridge:      1st 

Introduction to Business Procedures:

Slate Fuller: 3rd 

Kyle Bixler: 7th 

Introduction to Parliamentarian Procedures:

Azaneth Lara: 5th

Personal Finance:

Harrison Jones: 2nd

Political Science:

Harrison Jones: 8th

Performance Results

Broadcast Journalism:
Grace Pepiot, Jordan Tanner, and Alyssa Kelton: 1st

Business Ethics:

Alyssa Kelton and Jordan Tanner: 8th

Kylee Anderson and Kaydence Anderson: 10th

Client Services:

Cheyenne Cleveland: 5th

Riley Moon: 10th

Electronic Career Portfolio:

Michala Matovia: 1st

Harrison Jones: 3rd

Emerging Business Issues:

Slate Fuller and Emily Soloway: 4th

Rae Ann Chavez: 5th

Global Business:

Grace Pepiot and Harrison Jones: 5th

Introduction to Business Presentation:

Kylee Anderson and Lizeth Lara: 3rd

Azaneth Lara: 6th

Alicia Hokanson: 9th

Introduction to Public Speaking:

Emily Soloway: 6th

Slate Fuller: 9th

Job Interview:

Sam Claridge: 3rd


Rigg Christensen and Antonio Morales: 5th

Parliamentarian Procedures: 3rd

Public Service Announcement:

Vyanett Lara, Azaneth Lara, and Lizeth Lara: 2nd

Public Speaking:

Shailee Anderson: 3rd

Cheyenne Cleveland: 5th

Michala Matovina: 6th

Kierra Watson: 9th

Social Media Campaign:

Ceara Tanner: 10th

Sports and Entertainment Management:

Rigg Christensen and Antonio Morales: 3rd

Zach Woster: 10th





silver sage
FFA StateConvention CDE Results!

Dionne Stanfill: 2019-2020 Nevada FFA State President


Officer Books
Multimedia Scrapbook - Lillie Potts
Reporters Book - Lindey Smith 
Secretary Book - Elena Petersen 
POA - Dionne Stanfill
National Chapter - Chandler Baker 

Individual Awards
Star State Farmer - Anthony Barnes

Diversified Agriculture Prod - Anthony Barnes 
Ag Mechanics Rep & Mntc - Zach Glenn

Agriscience Fair
Elena Petersen & Lindey Smith

Career and Leadership Team Awards
Prepared Public Speaking
Dionne Stanfill

Extemporaneous Speaking
Elena Petersen 1st high

Agriculture Sales
-Dionne Stanfill 1st high Ind
-Dekklan Albisu 2nd high ind
-Anthony Barnes
-Bijan Fox

Ag Mechanics - Senior
-John Cashel 1st high Ind
-Kaden Syme 2nd high Ind
-Cody Fowers 3rd high Ind
-Evan Carlon

Ag Mechanics - Novice

-Josh Lore 1st high Ind
-Tim Williamson 2nd high Ind
-Cameron Dockery 3rd high Ind
-Leanna Sarman

-Lindey Smith 1st high ind
-Zach Glenn 2nd high ind
-Matt Wines
-Toryn Reynolds

Parli Pro Senior
Dionne Stanfill, Anthony Barnes, Elena Petersen, Taylor Moore, Shayna Lamb, Lindey Smith
Shayna Lamb Outstanding Chairman

Parli Pro Novice
Alyssa Openshaw, Elexia Mauer, Preston Reynolds, Gracey Ledbetter, Estrella Andersen, Alexis Santistevan
Elexia Mauer Outstanding Chairman

Conduct of Chapter Mtg
Elexia Mauer, Shannon Watkins, Madi Borkman, Nyha Harris, Callie Deml, Alyssa Openshaw, Emma Borg

Veterinarian Science - Novice 
-Ella Davis 1st High Ind
-Whitney Owen 2nd High Ind
-Lillie Potts 3rd High Ind
-Kaitlyn Loeppky

Scholarship recipients
Anthony Barnes $500
Dionne Stanfill $1000


-Dakota Draves 3rd high Ind
-Karissa Gurr
-Alyssa Kelton
-Azeneth Lara


-Elena Peterson 2nd high ind
-Dorothy Ojala
-Cody Fowers

Veterinarian Science - Senior
-Chandler Baker
-Miah Estrada
-Brittney Reilly
-Chirstine Franzen

Ag Issues 
Shayna Lamb, Lexi Carter, Dekklan Albisu, Mary Millican, Jasmine Utt 

Individual Awards
Star Greenhand Placement- Emily Jensen 
Star Greenhand Farmer - Alexis Santistevan 
Star Zone Farmer - Leanna Sarman Gold
Beef Production Prof - 
Matt Wines


Best Informed Greenhand 
Elexia Mauer, Alexis Santisteven, Hailey Berry, Kashli Stouard, Emily Jensen

-Brady Gackle
-Gracey Ledbetter
-Alana Patzer
-Talon Wise

Madi Borkman 4th high

SC SOFTBALL is more than  just a game,
it's about TEAM spirit and hard work

soft 1


Dear Parent or Guardian:

Influenza (flu) season is upon us and flu activity is occurring statewide. There has been a laboratory confirmed cases of flu in Elko County, along with an increase in children ill with similar symptoms. People of all ages can get sick with the flu, but particularly school-aged children experience high rates of the illness. Typically, symptoms of flu include a fever above 100 °F with cough, sore throat, chills, malaise, and body aches. Below are recommendations to help prevent further spread:


1. The best way to prevent seasonal flu is to get vaccinated every year.

• All people 6 months and older need a flu vaccine each year.

• Babies cannot get vaccinated until they are 6 months old. It is critical that people who live with or care for children, especially infants younger than 6 months, get vaccinated. (This is called “cocooning” -- when you protect babies by having those around them get vaccinated).


2. Be hygienic to avoid the spread of illness.

• Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. (Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it.)

• Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze. If soap and water are not available, an alcohol-based hand rub may be used.

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. Germs are spread that way.


3. If you or your child is sick:

•     Stay home until you or your child’s fever is gone for at least 24 hours, without the use of  fever reducing medications.

       Please go to your primary care physician for evaluation. If you get sick with flu, antiviral drugs can be used to treat your illness.

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Spring Creek band performed at a Elko Music festival and they were evaluated by two judges in the areas of musicality, quality of sound, and technique.

Bands may earn a I (Superior) all the way down to a V (Poor).
Our band earned I or Superior ratings
in all three categories from both judges. 
This is the first time the SCHS band has scored perfect I's at festival in nearly two decades!

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