In 1993 Spring Creek High School was built to help with the population boom in Elko County. SCHS sits in the middle of Spring Creek, Nevada, a small bedroom community just south of Elko. Spring Creek has a population just over 10,000. It has a total area of 58.7 square miles. The first graduating class at Spring Creek High was the Class of 1996.
School Logo



Our Mission

Committed to
High Expectations in a
Safe Learning Environment

School Song:

Oh the purple and black
is the team we’ll back, 
We’ll raise our banners high.
As we conquer the rest
we will do our best
to always be number one.

Whether home or away,
we will proudly say
we belong to SCHS.
Yes, our Spartan pride
comes from deep inside
at Spring Creek High.

CHANT: S.P.A.R.T.A.N.S.This.Is.Sparta!

Yes, our Spartan pride
comes from deep inside
at Spring Creek High.
School Crest

School Colors

Purple, Silver & Black

Our Beliefs

Students must have a variety of opportunities to be involved
Students must be responsible
Students must be provided a variety of instructional approaches
Staff will model and encourage life-long learning

Alma Mater: 

Nestled in the Rubies’ shadow, mountains crowned with snow,
rests our modest Alma Mater, see it and you’ll know.
Of its greatness, of its splendor, of its charms we speak,
in our hearts our Alma Mater, noble, grand, Spring Creek.

Friends we meet will gather round us, keep our spirits bright.
Courtesy our social standard, through this we unite.
May our greatness, may our splendor, always be the rule,
may we ever stand together, honoring our school.

Day by day our old life passes, yet we see the morn.
All our lives are spread before us, as our future’s born.
Oh its greatness, oh its merit, may we always seek.
In our hearts our Alma Mater, beautiful Spring Creek.
SCHS Spartan Pride (Chant).mp3
Chris Hansen,
Aug 13, 2012, 11:33 PM